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Your Continuum of Care

According to the CDC, more than 75 percent of total healthcare cost in the US can be attributed to chronic conditions, with about 133 million Americans (nearly 1 in 2 adults) living with at least one chronic illness.


Traditional medicine is great at treating patients for diseases and ailments for which much research has been conducted. But did you know that chronic diseases are one of the areas of medicine that receive the lowest amount of funding, and for which the least amount of research is conducted? This, unfortunately for patients, means that traditional medicine is often at a loss when it comes to chronic illnesses. Integrative medicine is a place where these patients are, in many cases, able to find answers, solutions, and relief.



Dr. Cohen offers a wide variety of treatments, services and dietary recommendations. She believes these methods can help to fill the gaps in cases where traditional medicine has reached its limit, and can help enhance the benefits of traditional medicine by considering a patient’s whole lifestyle when determining the best course of action. Dr. Cohen will work with your primary care physician and any other specialists to find the treatment plan that is best for you. The distinguishing feature of Dr. Cohen’s approach is that she treats you as a unique individual. No two people are alike, and Dr. Cohen believes we should not take a cookie-cutter approach to diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Cohen is a diagnostic specialist, employing an array of tests that go well beyond those used in mainstream medicine, and has successfully been able to find solutions for patients for whom traditional diagnosis has yielded no clear results. Dr. Cohen has an extensive referral list, and it is a source of pride for her to be able to match patients with some of the most prominent experts in their fields.

Dr. Cohen is committed to finding unique, specialized and creative solutions for her patients, whether that means receiving care in her office, or in the care another practitioner by way of a referral.

Bottom line: Your health and well-being is prioritized above all else.

Is your doctor treating merely as the sum of your symptoms?
Are you ready to be treated as a whole person?

Dr. Cohen offers a fresh approach with functional, integrative & orthomolecular medicine - where the patient as a whole is paramount.