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Rid your body of harmful toxins: experience a new level of health

Over the course of the past hundred or so years, beginning with the Industrial Revolution and continuing through the large-scale production that is present across many industries today, humans have created an environment that contains more pollution, toxins and carcinogens than have ever been present previously. Not only the air we breathe, but the products we come into contact with often contain substances that are harmful to our bodies. From BPA in plastics, pesticides on our food and the many heavy metals present in most electronic equipment, we receive more exposure to these toxic substances than any generation before us.


Dr. Cohen recognizes the role that these harmful substances can play in degrading our health, and uses specialized diagnostic testing to determine if a patient is suffering due to overexposure to these toxins. Dr. Cohen has a host of detoxification treatments, and works closely with her patients to determine which course of treatment will be most effective for each individual.