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Take control of your health by optimizing your diet

The food that we eat today hardly resembles the diet of our early ancestors. We evolved to digest and benefit from the food in our environment, and our body uses the nutrients, minerals and proteins from what we ingest to grow, strengthen and maintain its form. However, in some cases due to the increase and availability of processed foods, many people are not getting the nutrients they need from their diet, or worse, are being harmed by the food they are eating. Calcium, iron and vitamin deficiencies can all often be remedied by few simple changes to your diet. Celiac disease, leaky gut syndrome and candida are all chronic diseases whose symptoms can be mediated by making changes in diet as well.

Dr. Cohen places great importance on the role diet plays in our overall health and is dedicated to working with her patients to find a diet plan that best contributes to and maintains overall well-being. Dr. Cohen helps her patients identify, isolate and manage foods which may be causing chronic issues. She works together with her patients to form a custom diet plan that caters to the needs of each individual, and can be finely honed as patient and practitioner learn what works best for the patient’s overall health and lifestyle.

Nutritional Counseling